44-Day Vital Mind Reset Course

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What would you give to feel whole again?

According to my friend, Dr Kelly Brogan, this is all you really need to change your life: Knowledge. Tools. Support. And a Reset.

Maybe you’ve been told that depression, anxiety and stress are an imbalance in your brain. That something in you is broken, and you can only “fix” yourself pills. That idea is a terrible myth. What is broken — and outdated — is our healthcare system.

These myths handed down by trusted authorities are keeping you sick and confused.

But with the right knowledge and tools — combined with the right support — you can hit the reset button and awaken the person you were meant to be. Naturally.

You can heal yourself.

Dr Brogan, an author of the best-selling book, A Mind of Your Own, sees patients in her practice in NYC as a holistic psychiatrist. She told me:

“I’ve seen women come to me drained of energy. Overwhelmed by anxiety. Sunken by depression. And I’ve seen those same women walk away feeling fully alive again. Healthy. Self-assured and in control. All without drugs.”

Now, Dr Brogan has taken the very same knowledge and tools she uses with her patients and combined it with an online support program called Vital Mind Reset. With this life-changing, step-by-step program, you can take the steps to a better life from your own home, and for a fraction of the cost her patients pay.

Here’s what one Vital Mind Resetter had to say about her experience:

I did the reset diet when A Mind of Your Own came out and felt fantastic. However the changes I’ve experienced while doing the Vital Mind Reset program have been dramatically more than I ever expected. This wasn’t just about diet. It was about changing my mindset and focusing on all of the components that the program addresses. Having the support of other people working to change their lives as well was also invaluable.

Vital Mind Reset is a 44-day program that will hold your hand and introduce you to a community of people just like you – all working to transform their lives and revive their power and joy.

This is the first time Dr Brogan has opened up enrollment for Vital Mind Reset to my followers. So, for a limited time, you can join the program at a steep discount.

Visit the Vital Mind Reset page to learn more.

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  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick-Baltzell 3 months ago I would give anything in the world to feel better. I know it is a mind and body heal but have not been able to do it on my own. I am a person with mental illness suffering from bipolar disorder and I have lyme disease which in my experience flairs up all the time. I have pain everyday. My joints hurt and my stomach hurts all the time. Reply

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