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Nannic UV-Shield Sun Protection 50 ml



The new generation sunscreen protects 95% from harmful UVA and UVB rays. SPF 20

  • Spray 2-3 times on your face
  • Add more in every 3 hours
  • Do not apply by hand
  • No sticky feeling
  • Long-lasting products(1,5 – 2 months in daily use)


If skin cancer has taught me anything, then at least protect my skin from the sun. Nevertheless, greasy sunscreen is not what I want to apply to my face before going to work or out with friends. A couple of years ago, I was recommended to try this Nannic protective spray by my friend. I found it to be the absolute best sun product ever! Nowadays, I carry this little spray bottle everywhere during the summer. I use it on the face, neck, decolté area and arms. Despite its size, the product is very long-lasting. It’s suitable to be used for either clean skin or on makeup. The spray does not need to be applied by hand. It forms an invisible film on the skin (microcapsules) to protect the sun. So it doesn’t make a mess even on makeup. In addition to avoiding burning, sunscreen prevents the formation of pigment spots and premature ageing of the skin (UVA rays).

Up to 95% protection

For years, Nannic has consciously avoided adding sunscreen to its care products. This is because the protective agents would affect the composition of the product negatively. In Nannic UV-Shield, the chemical UV protection agents are inside the microcapsules making an invisible layer on the skin. UV-Shield is easy to spray on the skin about every 3 hours. When used in this way, it provides 95% protection against UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays. UV-Shield can be sprayed directly on top of makeup. The skin does not become sticky and the spray is almost odourless. Therapeutic ingredients reduce skin DNA damage. Suitable for all skin types.

Any sunscreen should be added to the skin at least every 3-4 hours, as should UV-Shield sunscreen. Usually, adding sunscreens is perceived as awkward because they can feel sticky on the skin, but UV-Shield doesn’t feel on the skin at all!

Nannic UV-Shield feels like a refreshing spray and is easy to apply to the skin regularly. Nannic UV-Shield contains active ingredients that prevent skin-damaging cell damage caused by UV rays. It is important to protect yourself from UV rays daily.

Suitable for all skin types. Even sensitive.

UV-shield can offer:

1. An instant protection from UVA and UVB rays
2. Invisible and refreshing spray (Microcapsules spread onto the skin when sprayed)
3. Blocks hyperpigmentation
4. Easy and quick to use
5. Can be sprayed on top of the makeup
6. Does not contain silicones, nanoparticles or oils
7. No not stain clothes
8. UV protection is inside the patented capsules (see picture)

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 4 × 7,5 × 14 cm


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