Stress and Illness

The Link Between Stress and Illness

The brain is designed for joy, love, interest and excitement. It blossoms in positive emotional condition when so-called neurogenesis is developed. That’s when you feel great and the brain functions at peak level. Also, our immune system is enhanced when we feel good.

Other kinds of changes happen in the brain when you experience stress, despair, lack of engagement and depression. Neurogenesis drops dramatically, you feel bad and your brain functions poorly. When the stress becomes chronic it opens the door to illness by undermining the immune system. The mechanisms through which stress responses may increase the risk of illness are poorly understood.

More about the link between stress and illness as well as how neurogenesis is affecting learning and memory will continue when I get ahead with my findings…

source: The Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle, Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life by Brant Cortright, PhD.

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