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Protein-Rich Nettle Pizza Crust – GF

Ok, I went a bit crazy with the variety of flours to make the pizza dough! You don’t necessarily need so many different types of flours. Just pick one gluten-free and protein-rich flour to suit your taste along with rice flour. Psyllium, Xanthan and Arrowroot give some viscosity (to replace gluten). Dry ingredients make altogether […]

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Super Seed – Energy Bites, Nut-Free, GF

Seeds are one of the world’s oldest source of nutrition and real powerhouses what comes to their nutritional content!

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Black Bean Spaghetti with Mango Salsa – GF, vegan

An excellent combination! Sweet, sour and spicy along with the nice texture and mild taste of black bean spaghetti which is totally vegan and gluten-free option. You can always change the ingredients of the recipe as you like. Even the ingredient amounts are not that precise, so just throw them all in and mix. Some […]

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Overnight Veggie Bread – Gluten-Free

Sometimes it’s hard to consume enough vegetables during the day, so why not adding them into your bread. My kids’ favourite is

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Crispy Chicken Salad With Red Chili – Gluten-Free

I’m a big fan of different kinds of salads, especially this crispy chicken salad with red chili. The most delicious combination in salads for me is a combo of

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Gluten-Free Lasagne

Gluten-Free Lasagne, My Kid’s Favorite!

You can make this gluten free-lasagne either for veggie version or with ground-beef. Both versions are delicious and rich in nutrition.

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