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Sugar Causes Causes Inflammation – And Other Problems

Glucose and fructose, carbohydrates and also the extra protein that is left unused in my body, turns all into glucose and glucose is the “bad guy” that swings the blood sugar levels and harms the gut bacteria. When the blood sugar swings it means more insulin must develop, and the more insulin there will be, the more insulin receptors blow up. They just can’t handle the amount of insulin! Now becomes a huge problem… Now that the cell membrane is lacking out of the insulin receptors there’s no one to take the glucose inside the cell even though the cell is demanding for energy! This is called insulin resistance that causes high blood sugar. (1,2)

Too much insulin in the body causes all kinds of problems. High insulin, for example, keeps body fat as a hostage and not letting the body lose weight even through exercise. Chronic high blood sugar causes chronic inflammation in the body when the cell functions become disturbed and more free radicals can activate (oxidation). Free radicals again increase the chronic inflammation. And the vicious circle is there. (1,2)

The higher the insulin, the more likely you are to store fat. Insulin is also an anabolic hormone that increases growth in the body and can affect other hormones as well. And what comes to ageing…: “If you were having a fruit juice this morning, you are ageing 7 times quicker!”, says Dr Peter Lustig.

When the inflammation continues for too long, the body starts to develop toxic chemicals that can destroy and damage cells and actually change our DNA with the free radicals. Extra glucose that can not access into the cells because of the insulin resistance, can example oxidise the LDL-cholesterol making it a “bad LDL”. Extra glucose is stored as a body fat. In other words, the more insulin level goes up and down and the longer the sugar level stays up, the more fat is stored. So it’s the glucose (sugars) that turn into fat, not fatty acids. Consequences of insulin resistance might be type 2 diabetes. (1)

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