The Link Between Stress and Illness

The brain is designed for joy, love, interest and excitement. It blossoms in positive emotional condition when so-called neurogenesis is developed. That’s when you feel great and the brain functions at peak level. Also, our immune system is enhanced when we feel good. Other kinds of changes happen in the brain when you experience stress, despair, lack […]

SUP Meditation

Paddle further away from the beach and make sure the surrounding is safe. Sit comfortable on the board and place your hands on your knees palms facing the sky. Breath in through your nose (4 seconds) hold your breath (7 seconds) and breath out slowly (8 seconds). Repeat this as long as it feels comfortable. […]

Stand Up Paddle – Source Of Mindfulness

  For me, windsurfing and stand up paddling (SUP) is the best meditation in the world! There’s nothing compared to that feeling of presence and peace. The ocean holding me up on the board, swinging waves, sun dispersing into millions of diamonds around me and a gentle wind fondling my skin. I can already hear […]

Paddle Board Yoga Inspiration

  A few ideas for Paddle Board Yoga positions for calm waters. This is just to give you an inspiration but might be worth trying at some level. It’s only the warm (or chilly) splash that welcomes you if you fall!