Hi, my name is Titta! I am a nutritional therapist. I hope you enjoy this website and find a lot of information and motivation for a lifestyle change.


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Delicious, Plant Based & Nutritious

All recipes are gluten-free. No refined or artificial sugars added.

The sweetness for the desserts comes from dates, banana, honey, coconut nectar or high-quality stevia extract. A monk fruit sweetener is also a great option if it’s available for you. This kind of sweeteners contains health-promoting ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and fibre. They can have a positive impact on gut bacteria, other than refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. The effect on blood sugar is minimal, given that these foods and desserts contain high-quality proteins, fats, and dietary fibre.

Vegetables are those carbohydrates in our food that provide us with important protective nutrients and fibre. Most vegetables consist mainly of water, so their carbohydrate content is relatively low, with the exception of starch-rich vegetables such as potatoes or corn. So even in a low-carb diet, the fibre rich vegetables should be included in the diet to promote long term health. Read more about good and bad carbs here.

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