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How I Bumped into Gluten Sensitivity

Some say it’s an insane idea to have symptoms of gluten and some say it’s a proven truth… So how do I know if I should eat gluten and if I’m sensitive to it or not? With that said, what I do know, is that I’ve been constantly and chronically getting sick and no physician could figure out why. So is there more that I should know about the food I eat? Is there any chance that food might be the essence of a variety of my problems?


Even up to 30% of the whole world’s population might suffer from gluten sensitivity.

Researchers are finding that many people carry partial genes for gluten intolerance and there is a whole range of gluten sensitivity. It is believed that once the genes are triggered, it is a lifelong condition that can show up in the gut, skin (dermatitis herpetiformis), mucous membranes, or as blisters in the mouth.

The rise in gluten sensitivity is believed to be due to the increased consumption of gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners, additives and pro-inflammatory foods, as well as the rise of environmental toxins. (5)

I’ve had celiac disease test taken few years ago and it didn’t show signs of the disease. Only some chronic inflammation in the gut. Well, after studying this subject for quite a while and reading several studies (science and clinical) I have come to a conclusion that there’s no way I’m going to keep having gluten or any other grains in my diet! And I’m shocked to realize that my son’s Tourette’s Syndrome might be a consequence of my gluten sensitivity as an expectant mother. (6)

Picture of a boy with a drawing of alight brain.Actually when I went further in my studies of Tourette’s syndrome, I found out that the medical literature is filled with studies that show a correlation between a previous streptococcal infection and Tourette’s syndrome. Hence my son had had a severe throat infection that led to a worsening cyclic fever when he was under two years old (he had fever every other week), he went to a surgical operation to get his tonsils removed. We found out that there had been a severe inflammation in his tonsils for a while up to the point that the tonsils were all covered with scar tissue. He was given strong antibiotics intravenously during the hospitalization and orally afterwards. That’s when it seemed it all went wrong in his tiny intestines.

With his susceptibility in his DNA to gain Tourette’s since my possible gluten sensitivity, in addition to severe inflammation and a strong dose of antibiotics, he was on his way to develop a syndrome called Tourette’s. That includes both motor and phonic tics as well as comorbid conditions (co-occurring diagnoses other than Tourette’s) such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD).

As I then realized the possible original cause of the syndrome: the chaotic disorder in the gut because of the antibiotics and the inflammation and the developing allergies or sensitivities for things like gluten (as his mother), the whole big picture started to become clear. Regarding to Dr. David Perlmutters book “Grain Brain”, the best possible cure for my son was not necessarily the drugs he had been taken (Risperidal) since he was 7 years old, but a change in his diet: more good fats such as Alpha-lipoic acid, coconut oil, Omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), probiotics, resveratrol, turmeric and vitamin-D. In addition gluten-free diet, low carbohydrate and sugar intake but instead good fiber rich carbohydrates from vegetables and a lot of good fats in the diet to maintain energy, healthy heart, gut and brain functions and stabilized insulin levels.

ADD and ADHD are serious concern for today’s parents, who are facing the decision if their children may need to go on dangerous medications, like Adderall, to help their disorder. In fact, this treats only the symptom, but not the disease.

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