30-Day Gut Healing Program – and maybe lose a few pounds…

If you give your gut a possibility to calm down for 30 days, you’ll start noticing some dramatic healing in your gut and further in the whole body and mind.

Studies show that already 21 days would be enough to change the way your body functions, but I would like you to push it a bit further. Just to make sure the healing continues and the changes stick.

The beginning might not be easy, especially if you’ve been consuming a lot of processed and sugary foods previously. Don’t worry though, it’s only going to get better! Once you free yourself from the old unhealthy eating habits and push through the first couple of days and weeks, you will start feeling amazing.

You will notice changes first in your digestion, then your energy levels and most importantly in your mood, memory and cognitive functioning.

In case you carry some extra weight, you might lose a few pounds as a bonus!