Relaxation Techniques & Snacks In Your Office

Are you waiting for a long hectic day of work to end before you take the time to relax? Many people plough through their day, let the stress build, then hope to repair the damage later.

Keep Healthy Snacks At Work To Reduce Stress

It’s true that we should eliminate clutter, get organized, and create calm surroundings in our office in order to reduce stress. However, once all this is accomplished, we still have the stress of our workload. When work is

Cholesterol 3/3 – Statins Or A Change in Diet?

Cholesterol has been carrying a negative impact for decades.  I remember the saying “it’s not the bread but it’s the toppings”, but is it actually the bread to blame instead of the butter or eggs? To understand

Cholesterol 2/3 – Low Cholesterol Causes Depression?

The more I study about cholesterol and listen to the physicians acquainted on this, it seems clearer that one of the big misleading studies in the 1950s and ’60s was about

Cholesterol 1/3 – Low Cholesterol Risk For Brain Health?

As a certified Nutritional Therapist, I’ve read and studied with interest about cholesterol. The contradictions in the discussion fascinate me. I think we all know someone

Brain Toxins In Our Food – Sugar

I would call myself a sugarholic. Even after years of no added sugars in my diet, I realise that I will always be prone to sweets – a small slip can turn on

Can Fibre Make Us Happier?

Dietary fibre has many health benefits but could it be possible that it has an impact on our brain health as well? Based on the latest research, fibre might actually prevent conditions like depression, dementia, hypertension or functional disability.

Eat To Beat Depression

I used to think I was eating ‘healthy enough’ and that I would never have to change the way I eat. Fortunately, I was wrong! And I mean fortunately, because the whole future process that I was stepping into (changing diet and lifestyle), made me look

What I Eat For Breakfast May Surprise You

I used to eat cereals, fruits, yoghurt or an oatmeal porridge in the morning and I was always disappointed how soon I was hungry again. Only after an hour and a half, my stomach started to growl again!