Antioxidant Survey – Results and Recommendations

Go through the Antioxidant Survey and score 1 point for each “true” answer. There are altogether 35 questions. Write down the total score and see the results recommendations below whether or not you need a little boost for your antioxidant capacity.

Our body is a cleverly constructed entity having its buffer and healing mechanisms that subtly reduce the oxidative burden. When this mechanism gets overwhelmed, as it unfortunately often does in today’s world, our body is incapable of coping with the damage. The consequences can be a variety of health problems. The first signs of so-called oxidative stress are rapid skin ageing and frequent infections.

You can make a difference in this oxidative burden by your lifestyle, environment and nutrition choices. All those together determine how well the cells in your body can repair the damage and to get rid of toxins.

Score 0-4

All of us have some oxidative burden in our life, but you are doing well. Keep up with the great work! See the recommendations below if there’s anything you could still adapt to your diet and lifestyle to support health.

Score 5-9

This score is not an ideal score. You seem to need some boost to your antioxidant capacity. Your body is working hard to keep the oxidative stress under control, but there’s a lot you can do to support its work. See the list of recommendations below.

Score 10 or more

This is a bad score, and you are at high risk of rapid ageing and health problems. You need all the help of nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors to help your body to cope with an oxidative burden. Try to adapt as many of the recommendations below as possible.


  • Diet changes: Add as much as possible fruits and vegetables to your diet along with berries, nuts and seeds. Especially small berries with intense colour are packed with antioxidant power, such as wild bilberries, lingonberries, cranberries or blackcurrants. Also, try herbs such as clove, turmeric, cinnamon, oregano, nettle or dandelion. Raw cacao is one of the surprising foods contain a bunch of antioxidants.What comes to antioxidant supplements I do have a world of caution regarding them.
    • The studies show a negative impact when antioxidants are used in extra big portions as in supplements. That’s because an excessive amount of antioxidants may actually accelerate the speed of oxidations process in the body. The end result may be that you are doing more harm by using antioxidant supplements that you are doing any good. If you are too busy to consume enough fresh fruits, vegetables and berries, you can take a quality multivitamin daily. Avoid burned or fried foods and keep the consumption of processed meat in minimum.
  • Lifestyle factors: Smoking, excessive alcohol use and severe prolonged stress are factors that quickly exhaust your antioxidant capacity. Also, try to avoid smoky places or polluted areas, direct or prolonged exposure to sunlight. Exercise is good for your health but very intense over-exercising is causing oxidative stress in cellular level.
  • Environmental factors: If you spend a lot of time if traffic each day, is there any other way to get things done? Could you work from home a few days a week for example? Are you aware if your home has mould or other toxins in the air you breathe? There are many ways to test the air quality at home nowadays if you are concerned.