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30-Day Gut Healing Program - and maybe lose a few pounds...
If you give your gut a possibility to calm down for 30 days, you'll start noticing some dramatic healing in your gut and further in the whole body and mind. Studies show that already 21 days would be enough to change the way your body functions, but I would like you to push it a bit further. Just to make sure the healing continues and the changes stick. The beginning might not be easy, especially if you've been consuming a lot of processed and sugary foods previously. Don't worry though, it's only going to get better! Once you free yourself from the old unhealthy eating habits and push through the first couple of days and weeks, you will start feeling amazing. You will notice changes first in your digestion, then your energy levels and most importantly in your mood, memory and cognitive functioning. In case you carry some extra weight, you might lose a few pounds as a bonus!
Module 1 Week 1 - Getting started
Welcome to the day 1 in the 30-Day Gut Healing Program! My goal is to make this program as easy and straightforward as possible because I know you are busy and you've got a million other things in mind as we all do. There's no quick fix, but if you follow these simple steps and stick with them, I'm sure you will notice a big difference in your health in 30 days! Not only in your gut health but in your physical well-being, vitality and mood as well. I hope you enjoy the course and I'd love to know how you proceed!
Unit 1 Day 1 - Health Assessment + Symptom Survey
Unit 2 Day 2 - Sugar Assessment + Antioxidant Survey
Unit 3 Day 3 - Fats Assessment
Unit 4 Day 4 - Liver Detox
Unit 5 Day 5 - Gut Bacteria Assessment + Symptom Survey
Unit 6 Day 6-7 - Juicing Days
Module 2 Week 2 - Gluten Detox
Even if you think that gluten sensitivity or celiac disease has nothing to do with you, you might be surprised how different you feel after a gluten-detox! The five most commons food sensitivities are caused by gluten, dairy, soy, corn and eggs - so you might want to keep an eye on all of these. Just to make this 30-day course simple enough, I would like you to ditch gluten out of the diet for a while. Gluten and wheat are added EVERYWHERE nowadays. You can find gluten not only in bread but for example spices, convenience foods, salad dressings or even cosmetics. That's why it's become such a problem.
Unit 1 Days 8-14 Gluten Detox Assignment + Symptom Survey
Module 3 Week 3 - Prebiotics & Probiotics
We know now, based on science, how essential the favourable gut bacteria is for our overall health. But perhaps you have tried to consume some probiotic supplements, because you've been told to do so, only to realise your stomach is getting crazy and loose? It happens if your gut is not "ready" for a new army of bacteria! What does this mean and how to make the best out of prebiotics and probiotics? To be able to bed the new strains of bacteria in your gut, it's essential to do the groundwork properly first. If your gut is in bad condition, it only gets irritated by the extra probiotics, and you'll get stomach aches, diarrhoea etc.. Now that you are already on week 3 in this 30-Day Gut Healing Program and your gut should be well on its way to healing let's add some volume to your gut bugs to make you and your gut heal even faster!
Unit 1 Days 15-21 Prebiotics & Probiotics Assignment
Module 4 Week 4 - Help For Cravings
Last week of the 30-Day Gut Healing program is here! I want to congratulate you from coming this far and staying persistent. Great work! Giving up processed sugars and carbohydrates is one of the hardest things for many of us. Including me. But at the same time, those are THE critical elements in the gut-healing and body-healing. Elevated blood sugar can mess up, for example, our fatty acid metabolism and blood lipids such as cholesterol. Sweet and carbohydrate cravings can be intolerable sometimes, but I'll give you a few tips on how to deal with them and to keep you on track.
Unit 1 Days 22-30 Help For Cravings Assignment
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