3 Reasons To Consume More Plant-Based Food

1. It’s good for our health

Nutrition change healthy lifestyle concept changing bad eating habits and from unhealthy junk food to fresh fruits and vegetables shaped as an open human head as an icon for the new healthy you.Consuming more plant-based food is not only good for our overall well-being, but also for our cognitive functioning. Good carbohydrates, that are full of nutrition such as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, rich in fibre, and have a low glycemic index – can all be received from whole plant-based food. I’m not saying we all need to go vegan, but the harsh reality is that people in western societies consume meat way over the recommendation today.

Choosing a diet rich in veggies and fruits may keep you from developing a chronic disease and may delay the onset of dementia. There seem to be only two vitamins not available in plants: vitamins D and B12, so these are needed from other sources. Organic fruits and vegetables have more nutritional value and fewer toxins so, therefore, they are recommended. But either organic or not, it shouldn’t prevent people from eating plant-based food.

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2. It’s good for the environment

The second reason is because eating more plant based food is equally good for our environment.

The Huffington Post UK edition had a great article related to this topic earlier this year under the title “Animal Agriculture’s Environmental Impact Is Still Being Ignored“. Here are some of the facts shown in the article:

“Animal agriculture is responsible for at least 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than all transport combined.”

“Almost 800 million people go hungry, yet enough grain to feed up to 3.5 billion people is fed to livestock.”

“World Bank estimating that animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction.”

“Your average cow produces around 700 litres of methane per day, which is the equivalent of a large 4×4 vehicle travelling 35 miles in a day.”
This is a short unofficial version of the eye-opening documentary “Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret”. Find out some surprising facts about agriculture and environment.

So there is this one giant global problem over the others which is animal agriculture that seems to have an impact on everything. Climate change, ocean dead zones, depletion of fish stocks, species extinction, deforestation, world hunger, food safety, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and so many other things. This could be substantially improved by reducing or eliminating our reliance on meat and dairy products.


3. We can prevent animal suffering

Not all of us have a voice to say.

dramatic transport conditions for laying hens

Hens layered in wire cages.

Unfortunately, the price we pay for cheap meat is the animal cruelty. More animals are stuffed into small metal crates, wire cages, filthy feedlots or sheds without windows. They are often squeezed so tight they can’t even turn around or lie down. They might not see the sunlight or breath a fresh air until they are taken into the slaughterhouse where more cruelty and injuries often take place. Some factory-farmed animals have been genetically manipulated or fed with antibiotics to grow faster or unnaturally large – up to the point they are unable to walk anymore.

If the animals eat crap – you eat crap by eating them.

Life is about choices. Our choices can take us either closer to our dreams, well-being and balance or alternatively further away. Unfortunately, not all of us have the power to make a choice or even to be heard. Also more than a choice of a single person, it’s the money and the politics that are at the core of all decisions in this world. At least we need to acknowledge the consequences.

Tough topic, I know! But this is why I’m choosing organic, grass fed, pasture raised, sustainable products from local farmers and fishermen. Even though organic products are often more expensive than mass-produced. The thing is, if more people demand, the more this kind of farming and fishing will flourish and the prices will eventually come down. If a single choice is combined with thousands, millions and more, I would say it’s a winner!
Extremely beautiful but an eye-opening video by gary-tv.

Find out more facts about animal mass production and eye-opening short videos on my web page here.

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